The band began in 2015 and it was founded by Geovanny Leitón and Elias Vega. Amethyst was born after experiences of both musicians in previous bands like Nebula (2003) and Cantiga (2012).

By 2016, and after several unsuccessful auditions for the new singer, Leitón contacted his bandmate and singer in his side-project Vintage Band, Fabiola Salas, and offered to perform some Amethyst songs, after hearing her she was hired, and with her voice and melodies she gave the band its own sound.

Elias Vega previously had worked with piano player and keyboardist, Kendal Rodriguez, who accepted to join the band and gave his work with stunning arrangements on every song.

Finally that same year, and after working with several drummers, the line-up was completed with JC Soto, a session drummer for international artists and local bands like Zensorial, Seres and Fractured Souls among others, bringing to the band his very own influences on a dark and heavy sound.

The band’s name reflects the music they create. The amethyst stone is a precious gem and one of the most appreciated varieties of quartz, and as the diamond, it is one of the hardest minerals ever. It has been used in jewelry since ancient times by Egyptian royalties, in magic rites from the middle ages and in modern times as a healing stone. Therefore, Amethyst’s music reflects this characteristics in every song, mysticism and beauty, combined with a hard and heavy musical art.

The band’s headquarters are located in San Jose, Costa Rica, where they have their own studios The Amethyst Cave (Moravia) and The Amethyst Crypt (Sabana) where they work on compositions and new music.

The band’s genre is hard to define by its members as it varies according to the influences of each one, creating a very unique sound which goes from raw heavy metal, symphonic metal, and also brings hints of progressive and even world music, producing the Amethyst sound.