It was one night before
His old father gave him
His Victorian watch
That nobody’s never
Seen no more
It was counting

A gold mechanic piece
Ancient and fine crafted
Had only one hand
And two marks
The one it was the birth
And the death of

Knowing your date
It`s not pleasant at all
Gives you the chance
To live dying alone
Knowing your fate
Gives control of it all
Time passes by
just counting the hours

The cycle reached the end
And his father made
A final sigh that day
And a new life just
Begun for him
He was the

This sad damnation
Will rule his life
Counting the days
his life passes by
This revelation
Will make him
desperate cry and now
no one will believe

Time never waits for no one no
It’s just time for you to go
now you’ve reached the end
All you’ve done is left behind
Time never waits for no one
Can’t do nothing everything will pass




She fell down
In a profound sleep
Then she woke up
And she feels
Her glassy cold home
The fairy cries
In intense pain
and dies…
why he wants
to die with her?
His big mistake

Dreams are coming down
Wings are breaking down
No remorse and no shadows
He’ll go insane for her pain
As she makes her final spell
Crimson wings that bleed the way
No remorse and no shadows
Revenge is now on her way

He fell down
In a profound sleep
Then he woke up
And he saw
There were wings
On his back
Crimson wings
That stings and
make him bleed
the hunter
will now never escape
there’s no escape

He didn’t know
Her soul it was dark
He didn’t know
What was on the trap
Her beauty face
Was nothing for real
It’s a creature indeed




There is an old convent -where
There`s just an old rumor -that
One of them made a terrible

Her compromise fell apart
Her skin is just waking up
Passion’s running faster
through her veins

But now
she lost her sanity
Slave in agony
Her madness took her toll

Her sins
Will never set her free
Slave in heresy
Forbidden blackened soul
She will be no more

She escapes with some company
They kiss sealing a doomed fate
Passion`s running faster
Through their veins

But now
They’re out in liberty
Slaves of ecstasy
their madness took its toll

Their sins
Will never set them free
Slaves of heresy
Forbidden blackened souls
They will be no more




A distant village, is where she lives
Up from the mountains, where fresh waters flows
The village waits, for tomorrow to come
Sadness angel, with no heart and no soul

She takes a spell as her death’s getting closer
The spell requires her to trade body and soul
An ancient spirit goes inside in her blankets
It takes her innocence and goes possessing her

Time has passed and that favor seems distant
As days goes by all her beauty increases
The witch was loved by the whole distant village
Because she fooled her own death and her illness

Tomorrow will be her sixteenth birthday
But something will be waiting for her that night
The spirit that extended her orphaned living
Will be the same that will take it away

She takes a spell as her death’s getting closer
The spell requires her to trade body and soul
The witch was loved by everyone in the village
Because she fooled her own death and her illness

Ohhhh  Alianora
Sadness angel beauty in vain